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Berry-Rock Capital

A track record to stand on,

an investment you can count on.

Berry-Rock invests in real estate to provide steady stable yield back to investors. Our investment approach takes the guessing out of real estate investing.
The Investment
Single  Family 
Single Family Rentals have been the most consistent performer of all types of real estate investment options. Single family homes are highly marketable and provide plentiful acquisition opportunities...
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Pick-Your-Rental Model
We allow tenants to pick any home that is currently for sale on the market and then purchase that home and lease it to them. This model produces instant cash flow from high-quality tenants...
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Buy in the Midwest
We acquire all of our assets in the Midwest Region. This market has been historically stable through economic downturns and has produced high yields on investment...
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How it works
Fund Your Investment
 You wire money into an attorney trust account for maximum protection. 
We Invest the Money
Once documents are signed, we invest the money into single family real estate.
You Get Paid
Tenants pay rent to us and we send you a distribution check every month.
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