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Our Investment Strategy

is Designed for Peace of Mind

Safe Investment 

Constant Buying opportunities

What We Buy

Real estate is an important asset class to have in your investment portfolio. There are many different types of properties you can invest in, but there is none better than single family rentals for the following reasons...

A Safe Investment

Houses are extremely stable and tend to hold value better than other types of properties. Houses are in high demand and historically have had shorter vacancies.

Buying Opportunities

There are more single family homes than any other type of property creating new buying opportunities every day. These opportunities are attractive because unlike commercial real estate, people who are selling a house are non-professionals which allows professional buyers like ourselves to find great deals.

Ability to Diversify Risk

Single family homes are a fantastic way to provide diversification in your real estate portfolio because they spread out inherent risks like vacancy, maintenance and market risk over many houses as opposed to one or two apartment complexes. 

High Liquidity

Single family homes are the most bought and sold real estate assets. This creates a lot of demand from buyers in the market and allows us to liquidate properties for a favorable price.

Better Cashflow

Single family homes tend to have higher cash flow than other types of real estate investments. This is because there are less professional investors in the single family market and most people prefer to live in a single family home over other types of housing in the Midwest. This results in being able to charge higher rent than a comparable apartment unit.

How We Buy

There is a lot more to real estate investing than finding good properties, it is most important to find great tenants because their rental payments are what makes your investment profitable. We have flipped the real estate acquisition model upside down; we acquire great tenants before we acquire the homes we rent. This allows us to pre-lease every asset we own, have no initial vacancy, and pick out the best tenants. 

We achieve this through our strategy of a pick your rental program. Realtors refer potential tenants to us that are looking to rent and we vet the potential tenant to decide if we want to let them go through our program. If we approve the tenant, we then let them pick out any house that is for sale on the market within a certain price range. Once they find the house they want to rent, we purchase the house and then lease it to them on a 2-year agreement. This allows us to control our pricing model, lock in our rate of return, and have a happy paying tenant for at least 24 months. 

Realtors refer potential tenants 

Tenants are vetted 

Approved tenants pick any home currently for sale

We purchase and lease the home to the tenant

Where We Buy


We buy houses and invest capital in Midwest markets. Historically, it is the most stable place to own properties and provides a higher rate of return.  Demand for single family homes is very high in the Midwest and culturally is the preferred housing option, more so than the east and west coasts where apartments dominate the market. During the worst housing crisis in US history, home prices in the United States as a whole fell 3 times more than they did in the Midwest. The Midwest market reflects our investment goals of providing steady stable performance for our investors. 

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